Hike for Health


Join IIT Bay Area's Hiking Group​

IIT Bay - Hiking at The Alum Rock Park, San JoseHealth


June 12th, 2021

8AM - 2PM

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Get away from staring at your computer all day and into the nature to network with your IIT buddies and family.


Be sure to wear proper layered clothing and bring a snack to give you energy as the total hike is 2-3.5 hours depending on how fast the group movesain health.

Hiking Plan
8:00 am Meet at Rustic Lands Parking
8:15 am Start hiking
- Walk a mile - relatively flat
- Start climbing up the S-Rim Trail – Climb up ~600’
- Breakfast while enjoying scenic view of SJ and the valley
- Take Sycamore Switchback trail back – Climb down ~600’
- Walk back a mile – relatively flat
- Back in the parking at around 11am

- COVID Protection: Wear your mask, maintain social distancing and other COVID guidelines
- Bring at least 20 oz water for drinking during the hike
- Dogs are not allowed in this park
- Pack a breakfast/snack and lunch/chai. - Bring your own plates/spoons whatever you need