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Covid Help Resources

Leverage, Contribute and Make a Difference  

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Fight against Covid is not over yet!

As India stands strong and fights this massive war against Covid, let's do our part to help and make a difference in any big or small way we can. IIT Bay Area team connected with many organizations leading tremendous efforts for Covid relief. Please see the list and pick the effort to contribute. There is a lot to be done and every helping hand counts.

We know, there are many more organizations working hard. The efforts led by other IIT communities and beyond!

Please email if your organization is working to make a difference and would like to be listed in IIT-BAA Covid Resources


United Against Covid 

United Against Covid is an all-inclusive initiative led by IIT and IIM Alumni, supported by IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation, Pan IIT India, Wheels, Rotary Club, Rana, NTT VC, Droisys, SignApp, Upaya, FEA India, Ocean manager, Grazitti, Pratham USA, Wheels, IIT Startup, Elitmus, Indicanews, Radio Zindgi, Businesswire India, KidzJet, TeamUpCorp, Suquino, Atria Foundation and more.




Key Contact:


How to Support?



Hear from global industry leaders Arjun Malhotra, Ashish Chauhan, Yossi Vardi, Dr.Raj Bhayani, GP Hinduja, Suresh Shenoy, Anil Baid, V. Ramgopal Rao, Adam Steck, Krishen Dhar, and more.

  • Volunteer: Join current on-call support team with 250 volunteers. DM +91 804 804 0000 or contact Sanjiv Goyal


  • Support Fundraiser: Team has  raised $320K, donate to your favorite NGOs or to support continued efforts.


  • Listen and Stay Informed: Daily Radio Show on Radio Zindagi to share our progress and needs 'Covid Life line'. Reaches several thousands of listeners LIVE. 




Global IIT Covid Task Force

Global IIT Covid Task Force is coordinating the efforts of IITians globally to help India fight this biggest humanitarian crisis since our Independence. 


Key Contact:


How to Support?



The forum has a large number of channels around various areas around arranging Oxygen Concentrator, Hospital Beds, Plasma Donors etc.; working with NGOs, Government organizations as well as focused relief efforts in specific states/cities like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra etc. You may create your own channel as well around what you feel passionate about in terms of contributing to fight against this crisis. 


Help India Breathe Team in partnership with

Sewa International USA, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization



Help India Breathe Team is partnering with SEWA International USA , a credible organization since 1989. Goal is to procure critical medical devices like oxygen concentrators, ventilators, BiPAP machines to help India fight the severe second wave of COVID-19. 


Key Contact:

  • Sumit Kumar


How to support?


The team of 10-15 dedicated volunteers is working with 800+ SEWA volunteers in India to ensure that the medical devices are deployed to the right hospitals in need. Goal is to procure 200+ needed medical devices from global suppliers and working diligently to to raise $250K for this cause. 


Covid Resources Websites/Documents


Covid Care Resource Across India:

CovRelief App:​


Covid resource tracker created and launched by a small and powerful team of three IIT D alumni (Milan Roy, Swapnil Sharma, Pranit Ganvir)

.Use this app for live tracking of hospital beds and more essential information.


Covid Fight Club:


Crowdsourced website to track covid resources.


Sprinklr Covid Resources:

Indian Govt. Solicitation for Projects:
Meity Startup Hub at the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) has is actively reaching out to all the problem solvers, innovators & entrepreneurs to scale up solutions and provide any requisite support.


If you are working on a solution to the current oxygen crisis in our country or know any innovative ways of producing & distributing oxygen, they request you to fill this formForm for individuals with ideas:

Form for startup founders & entrepreneurs: 

For any further assistance/ query, please feel free to reach out , and cc

Government Aggregate Sources: hospital-beds-medicines-oxygen-supply-59297.html


Free Telemedicine:
US Indian-American Physicians community is providing COVID19 consultations FREE OF CHARGE for India.

For free booking, use code: mdtok2021.

To schedule an appointment visit:

Another group providing free telemedicine to covid patients in India:

Oxygen Concentrator:

Detailed explanation of how to send an oxygen concentrator from the United States to India during the COVID crisis in India. the-united- states/?fbclid=IwAR1fZt5Ctw1tXx0QGAlhI9XEdCQDYiq_AsKBtaqVguqY3Q3i7X6x2SKZzbs


Plasma Donors:





Master Resource Spreadsheet xTDUNY/htmlview#
1.Testing centers
2. Hospital & beds

3. Medicine Availability             

4. Plasma donors
5. Oxygen suppliers
6. Medical Oxygen Gas Suppliers for Home Use 7. Blood Banks
8. Ambulance services
9. Home care
10. Other Govt/Pvt Verified Resource Lists
9. Food distribution
11. Mental health, old age, child care, pet care 12. Human Supporters
13. Home Care & Best Practice Resources
14. Plasma Donation


Govt. Website for Covid Testing Sites All Over India:

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