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Path to Purposeful Innovation

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Perspective will come in retrospect - This is what we believed in when we took ownership to serve this dynamic community ten months back. It has been wonderful journey building the bond and working together with amazing community members and honorable organizations, with one common goal - to serve. Now, its time to look back and retrospect on what we achieved together. We, as a community have grown and continued to be more engaged, more involved, more resourceful and more compassionate.

With your continued feedback and support, we introduced IIT Bay Social Series. The series is geared towards serving the community with much-needed social engagement. The list of services are spot-on and growing at pace - IIT Bay Book Club led by Lochan Alagh[in], IIT Bay Career Corner led by Hrishi Sathwane[in], IIT Bay Health Series led by Ishita Sharan[in], IIT Bay Hiking by Hrishi Sathwane (coming up) and IIT Bay Entertainment (coming soon). We delivered two virtual events under IIT Bay Tech series - IIT Bay Talk and IIT Bay Panel on technology leading the path forward in covid era and beyond. We have been the voice and the resource platform for global initiatives making positive impact. As we move closer to IIT Bay Area's biggest event of the year - IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference, we are happy to grow our team of volunteers and welcome new directors to IIT Bay Area Board.

Looking back from year 2004, IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference has brought the brilliant minds together to brainstorm, showcase technologies and network. Each leadership conference brought the fitting theme to spark conversations and bring innovative ideas to light.

2021 Leadership Conference theme is "Purposeful Innovation". In this year of unprecedented challenges - industries changed and the purpose for technology took a whole new meaning. IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference 2021 will highlight these purposeful innovations and drive the conversations on solutions built to solve real world challenges. Contribute, engage and join us at 2021 IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference.

See you there..

Nidhi Kannoujia[in]

Program Chair and Marketing Lead

IIT Bay Area Alumni Association

Recognitions: Amit Gupta[in], Ishita Sharan[in], Nidhi Kannoujia[in], Lochan Alagh[in], Hrishi Sathwane[in], Sarwat Amina[in], Bidyut Parruck[in], Rao Charagondla[in] Indra Singhal[in], Volunteer Team. Welcome: New board members Suparna Kumar[in], Dipty Desai[in] and new volunteer members

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