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Arjun Malhotra

Director on the Board at Lumis Partners

IIT Kharagpur

Mr. Malhotra has a long string of entrepreneurial successes. He co-founded the HCL group in 1975, taking it from a six-person “garage operation” to one of India’s largest Information Technology corporations. The first leading Indian entrepreneur to relocate to USA, Mr. Malhotra took over HCL’s US operation in 1989 and grew it to nearly $100 million annual revenues. In 1992 he ran the HCL-HP joint venture in India, and in 1996 he set up and ran the joint venture with Deluxe Corporation. He consolidated and grew HCL operations in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Malhotra holds a bachelors degree from IIT Kharagpur and attended the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. He was awarded the Albert Einstein Technology Medal in 2001. The Institution of Engineers (India) has named Mr. Malhotra an Eminent Engineering Personality. He currently serves as a board member for many growing startups both in India and USA.

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