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Deepak Bhagat

Senior Director, SAP

IIT Kanpur

Deepak Bhagat is an IITK Graduate ('73, EE) and did his MS in EE and CE from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio ('77). He has been in the field of Computing for the past 45 years, over 40 years in the valley. He has held key senior engineering and executive positions in companies such as General Automation, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and now at SAP where he is a Senior Director in SAP Cloud Organization. During his career, he has made key contributions to the innovative computing technologies and product programs which have generated billions of dollars of revenues for these companies. These products have been in calculators at DCM data products India, Microcomputers at General Automation Anaheim CA, Industry's first RISC based Mini-computers at HP, Industry's first UNIX based Intel servers at HP, Industry's first 64 bit computing platform Solaris/Ultrasparc Sun workstations which enabled Sun stock to split 5 times in 90s, Sun Grid Solutions, Sun Network and Security Products and now at SAP where he is one of the key engineering leaders of SAP Global Cloud Services (GCS) group which designs and operates SAP IaaS in over 40 data centers world-side running SAP SaaS applications being used by over 150M mission critical users. He is the principal founder of IIT Kanpur Alumni West Coast Chapter in '98 and enabled creation of multiple chapters in the US. He co-founded IITK Foundation in 2001 which has raised over $9M for IITK. While at Sun, he initiated Sun's research programs with multiple IITs. He was the principal founder of Sun's Engineering Center in Bangalore, India in 2000. He has been a TiE Silicon Valley Charter member since 2001, has been on its Board and was one of the co-founders of TiE Angels program and evaluated large number of startups and invested/advised many of them. He is the recipient of IIT Kanpur Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2001. He was born and raised in the city of Kanpur, India.

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