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Surendra Saxena

Co-Founder and Vice President Sales & Services at IntelliH, Inc.

IIT Roorkee

Surendra Saxena is a Co-Founder, VP Sales and Chief Products Officer at IntelliH Inc. where he is helping to build a platform solution for managing chronic and post-operative patients outside of the perimeter of the hospital. Prior to IntelliH, Surendra led the Advisory services practice for the Global Healthcare solutions Unit at Cisco. Here he provided process optimization and patient flow strategies as well as digital hospital strategies with leading Healthcare proviers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Qatar and Australia. Prior to Cisco Surendra was a founder of a Venture backed startup building Process Management solutions. Surendra has been a speaker in International Conferences Globally Prior to joining Cisco Surendra was a founder CEO of a venture - backed company DevFlow. He was also a founder of OutsourceMethods and ConeXL.

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