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Welcome to the Startup Mela, a line-up of booths on the expo floor, where startups present their products & solutions all day during the conference. Check out exciting early-stage startups founded by IIT Alumni, interact with the founders, learn about their products and the impact they plan to have on the world. Here's your chance to invest in the startups before they close their angel rounds, join their fast-growing teams and partner with them before they become unicorns. 

Startup Founder/Co-Founders: Register to setup a booth at the Startup Mela and get an opportunity to showcase your startup to 1500 talented fellow-alumni, who include potential investors, employees and partners.
Rules: Less than 3 years old, Focused on a problem/product & One of the founders is an IITian
Note: Booth registration includes 2 general admission tickets to the conference. Anyone else staffing the startup booth or coming as an attendee has to register separately.


Upload your resume to send it to one or more startups!


Turing enables you to deploy the world’s finest talent with a touch of a button. We have built the first labor marketplace based on Artificial Intelligence to provide elite pre-vetted software engineers to Silicon Valley companies.

Vijay Krishnan


IIT Bombay

We are building a web and mobile based platform to help children organize in small groups to learn and develop skills to pursue activities of common interest and objectives.

Debjit Das


IIT Kanpur

Looking for Funding, Partners, Mentors

We are Sentry. We work hard to make communities and homes around the world smart and safe.

Uday Kiran

Smart Home Sentry

IIT Delhi

Looking for Series-A Funding, AI/ML Engineers, Beta Customers.

Our vision is to empower people to create, innovate and express themselves.

Sandeep Thakur


IIT Kanpur

Looking for Funding, Employees, Volunteers, Mentors

A convenient online source that directly connects truckers to shippers, without the need of a third party broker.

Syed Aman

Hwy Haul

IIT Kanpur

Leveling the Playing Field for Real Estate Transactions

Tushar Garg

Fly Homes

IIT Guwahati

Looking for investment, employees, and partners.

Scry Analytics provides proprietary machine learning and natural language processing products and services for decision support and complementing human judgment.

Alok Agarwal

Scry Analytics

IIT Delhi

FEA is a dynamic organization developing English and employability skills in the framework of building critical thinking skills and enabling personal development.

Deepak Chopra

Freedom English Academy

IIT Delhi

Looking for Mentors, Contributors, Volunteers

YugaByte is the company behind YugaByte DB, the open source, distributed SQL database for building global, internet-scale applications.

Kannan Muthukarrupan


IIT Madras

Using Artificial Intelligence, SightSpeak’s goal is to assist the visually impaired. Built on Amazon’s DeepLens AI camera and Alexa it speaks what it sees.

Ashish Prasad

Thinkgen Software


Looking for Investment, Partners, Mentors

Interactive Decision Trees for Call Centers, Business Process based Applications & Customer Self Service

Sanjay Bajaj

Yonyx Inc

IIT Kharagpur

Looking for Customers, Customers, Customers!

Food That Fuels Silicon Valley.

Sushmita Datta


IIT Kharagpur

Looking for Customers, Partners, Investment.

Voice is the future interface for all the things we do with machines. Alan is pioneering the ability to add intelligent natural voice interface to any app instantly.

Ramu Sunkara

Alan AI

IIT Madras

Looking for developers, digital marketing talent & great investors. is the next generation Deep Learning based NLP and Computer Vision platform that interprets texts and images to provide instant answers to your enterprise questions. Our initial focus is Tech Support and Call Centers.

Sanjeev Kumar

IIT Kanpur

Armorblox is a venture-backed stealth cybersecurity startup, on a mission to build a game-changing enterprise security platform.

Anand Raghavan


IIT Madras

Ecosystems are core to success of every business, whether you are a manufacturing, sports & entertainment, media, rentals, energy or agriculture firm. Schrocken accelerates your Digital Initiatives helping you harness the power of this ecosystem.

Yogendra Chordia

Schrocken Inc

IIT Kanpur

Looking for investment, partners and mentors.

Ziro is world’s first IoT based modular robotics system that makes advanced robotics widely accessible to students, makers and developers.

Raja Jasti


IIT Madras

Looking for Funding, Partners, Volunteers (Sales & Marketing)

Lore IO is a Collaborative Data Preparation Platform that helps companies ingest and unify disparate data sets from hundreds or thousands of sources.

Digvijay Lamba

Lore IO

IIT Kanpur

Looking for Mentors, introduction to potential customers

Autonicx enables you to continuously automate your business process, operations and knowledge base leveraging the vast amounts of enterprise data so your teams can focus more on innovation.

Naveen Nimmu


IIT Madras

Qalaxia is a question-and-answer platform built to nurture the inquirer, seeker and explorer in every student. Qalaxia encourages students to gain knowledge not just from teachers, but also from remote industry expert volunteers.

Mahesh Godavarti


IIT Madras

Looking for funding, volunteer, experts/mentors, partners.

Netway Inc, an inventor of Cognitive, Autonomous and Programmable Reinforcement Learning, Recurrent Neural Network and On-Chip and System-Area Network architectures, intends to make and market an environment integrating acceleration, infrastructural, peripheral and low-level intellectual properties and reference designs that, more than greatly reducing the cost and improving the performance, ensure first pass functional success of autonomous robots, vehicle and appliance application processor integrated circuits and systems not possible otherwise.

Sharat Prasad

Netway Inc.

IIT Kharagpur

Looking for User Champions, Investor-Customers and Additional Founding Executives and Engineers.

Smart enterprise solution minimizing headaches, risks and penalties of data loss

Seshan Raj

Touchfree AI

IIT Madras

Looking for Customers, Team and Investors.

Improve quality of care and lower costs with customized mobile patient engagement applications

Ram Melkote


IIT Madras

Looking for investment, seeking customers, and channel partners in Healthcare. enables new and faster ways of digitalization thru mobile wallets. It revolutionizes customer engagements with your custom, branded, secure, dynamic, actionable, and interactive digital cards. TrueCards are essential for any business for a wide-ranging use cases such as id & membership, events, rewards, payments, and workflows in healthcare, retail, government, eduction, etc. Key benefits include universal access, lower cost digitalizations on a fast track, increased customer engagement, improved processes, instant updates and communications, and actionable insights.

Ashvin Radiya


IIT Bombay

Looking for Business Dev & Sales, Partners, Advisors, Investors.

InLook is the first email platform that does not use passwords or user names due to a unique 2FA. Our tech does the 2FA for the sender & recipient, making InLook unhackable!

Mitthan Meena


IIT Delhi

Looking for Investment, Employees, and Partners. 

A game changing platform for intelligent transactional systems.

Girish Mutreja

Neeve Research, LLC

IIT Kanpur

Looking for Investment, Executives, Marketing.

In the New World, with increasingly mobile and contingent workforce, there's a need for faster and more refined people information. Kredifi's mission is to bring background screening into the personalized, modern, truly mobile, and truly global 21st century.

Navin Chugh



Looking for Customers. Investors. Techies.

Sensfix is building an asset independent and technology agnostic platform that can be seamlessly customized or integrated with any infrastructure asset management process.

Balaji Renukumar


IIT Kanpur

Imaginate provides a medium agnostic AR/VR enterprise collaboration software for 1) field technician support through digital workflows, remote assistance, integration with IoT data on both binocular and monocular AR glasses 2) multi-user design review, training & troubleshooting over VR/AR wearables. Imaginate’s early customers include Shell, Ford, Coca-Cola, ABB, United Technologies, etc.

Hemanth Satyanarayana

Imaginate Technologies

IIT Madras

Looking to raise money and getting industrial customers.

Plugon is an Image Platform with a mission to showcase and highlight the visual information around us and make it accessible to everyone for learning, training and exploration via Augmentation.

Vagish Narang


IIT Roorkee

Looking for funding, partners, engineers. is a discover-and-do platform for outdoor adventurers. It encourages users to live active and healthy lifestyle by letting users discover, organize and do the outdoor activities with friends, family and like-mined people. It uses artificial intelligent and deep learning algorithms to provide user focused features to enhance experience.

Ashish Kumar


IIT Kharagpur

Looking for Investment, designer, developer, co-founder and Marketing Partner.

MediDev offers software lifecycle, quality & risk management SaaS for digital health software products that fall in the FDA-defined category of “SaMD” or Software as a Medical Device.

Ashis Khan


IIT Kharagpur

World’s first non-invasive continuous real-time glucose and other vital parameters monitor by wearable.

Sky Basu


IIT Kharagpur

SensMyDrive app is a simple yet effective way to monitor driving behavior and reduce risks on road. Using sensors inbuilt in your phone, SensMyDrive provides a real time, consistent view of driving habits and scores driving behavior. One app, many uses. From keeping tab on your teenager's driving to ensuring driver safety for your commercial, rental and on demand taxi fleets, SensMyDrive provides a cost effective way to make our roads safer.

Mohinder Sikka


IIT Kharagpur

Looking for seed funding and technical co-founder.

Rchilli helps you capture, analyze and enrich resume/CV data with incredible ease and accuracy. Our comprehensive parsing technology also enriches your data with the latest information from candidates’ social media and online profiles, and it matches the ideal candidates to your jobs through a powerful semantic search capability. Rchilli is known throughout the industry for its unparalleled customer support and its devotion to continuous improvement. To learn more about us, visit

Vinay Johar


IIT Kanpur

Looking for Funding and Customers.

Your Computer Laboratory on the Browser. We make learning software development easy and interactive.

Pankaj Kumar


IIT Kharagpur

Looking for Funding, Customers and Sales Partners.

We are a start up developing automated driving technology with safety assurance to address key pain points in the current road transport like congestion, road safety and inefficiency. Our core technology consists of patented fundamental functionality of Reliable Lane Keeping and Platooning for automated road vehicles.

Surya Kiran Satyavolu

Sirab Technologies

IIT Madras

Looking for Funding, Engineers (EE, ME, Aero, CS), Marketing.

We provide automatic briefings on topics, people, and threads, so that you can simplify your work and make good decisions -- especially for customer success, employee success, and advisory professionals.

Ritu Malhotra


IIT Roorkee

Looking for seed investors, developers, and partnerships.

Built in End to End security for all Data, all OSes, all Devices, all Apps, with the ability to apply arbitrary fine-grained policies at the data object level, and with full Enterprise Control at the push of a button.

Badri Nathan

Bayun Systems

Do you know who has budgets for what you sell? leverages the power of AI to identify prospects with budgets for you. B2B sales and marketing professionals use the insights provided by to develop effective account planning and win deals.

Anand Karasi

IIT Madras

Looking for customers and employees.

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